Climbing Groom and Victorious Bride Cake Topper

  • RM179.00

He's climbed the highest mountain... or cake tier! A whimsical yet modern take on "Rapunzel in the Tower" has the groom struggling to scale a cake tier to reach his cheering bride. This unique figurine is held in place with a porcelain peg that has been added to his elbow. Once inserted into the cake it becomes completely undetectable.

-Hand Painted Porcelain Cake Topper


Groom: 2.5 cm Long, 14.5 cm Tall

Bride: 7.5 cm Long, 14 cm Tall

Note: Bride and Groom Figurine sold separately

Price are same as shown below for Bride & Groom.

Restocking leadtime 3 weeks upon order confirmation exclude delivery.